Thursday, 13 March 2014

Favorite False Lashes: Ardell 113

Hey y'all

I hope all is well,
today want to talk about one of my many favorite false lashes
the great thing about lashes is that they transform your face/look in one simple application.
but as with everything its always best to get the right type of lashes that will suit your eye shape and face.

Personally I find that lashes which are light and tappered at the ends are the most complimentary for my eye shape. ,like the Ardell demi wispies, ardell 105s and 113s those are a few that I love

Have a look at the photo and you will see why I love them so.

The are girly yet daring and feminiene yet edgy

Ardell Luvies


Monday, 10 March 2014


Hi Guys and Gals

This is my review on the skin care duo; Cleansing Milk with Gentian and Toning Lotion with Iris.

I was breezing around Debenhams last month and I saw they were selling the duo for £18.00, I am a bit of a skin care fanatic and I have been looking to try something new, so I thought the two for £18 was not a bad deal. I bought it and when I got home I tried it straight way.

now the concept is that you should be able to cleanse your face using this, without the need of water so i tried it and by the next morning i felt a throbbing spot coming and before i knew it, it had grown to a lovely throbbing pimple.
Now for the record I do not have sensitive skin what so ever ,I have used some serious chemicals on my face before and walked away unharmed. but i have noticed that there are just some products my skin does not like. and unfortunentley, this is one of them.

I stopped using it and went back to my regular regimen, and only using mineral make up when i had to and in a week time my skin was back to normal, pimple free and healthy!

urrrgghhhhh I hate that in england if a product does not work, you cant take it back.

Not happy with clarins and I wont be buying anything from them again!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

LUSH REVIEW: Mask of Magnaminty

LUSH REVIEW: Mask of Magnaminty

Hi All
I was recently in the Lush store in Westfield’s, London. And I decided to have a browse around. I’d never used any lush item other than their tea tree water, which i highly recommend! So I was in the market for something new and more earth friendly for my skin.

I got rail roaded by one of the assistants and she babbled on about the different cleansers and even demonstrated a few on my skin. At the end of it all I was stuck because really liked the Dark Angels cleanser but being from a Nigerian Christian background, in all good consciousness I could not purchase anything with such a morbid name, so I moved on I stated speaking to another assistant and she recommended the Mask of Magnanimity, which I like because it didn’t have to be stored in the fridge. The problem I had with Lush face masks is that they need to be in the kept fridge and I live in a flat with the fridge downstairs and aint nobody gat time for that! So i was pleased when I heard I could use this and store it in the bathroom.

She tried it in on the back of my hand and I must admit my skin felt silky smooth and very fresh.
So I bought it and did a facial with it the same night. it did not disappoint!
Id definitely recommend it if you have oily or combination skin. It is also great for back, if you have a lot of spots in that area. xx

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Now a lot of people will say that if you are heavily endowed, that you should not complain, and although I am grateful that I more than blessed in that department, it does come with its own issues.

Yes I’d rather have boobs than none at all but I just wish sometimes that it wasn’t so difficult,
These are the issues I have faced, with;

1. Men, (some not all) if you are single and looking for a real relationship, the amount of jerks available are in the infinity number, all they see is a pair of boobs and some of the guys I have come across only want to sleep with you and are not interested in keeping you as a girlfriend. They think because she has a large chest she must be good in bed and nothing else. It’s so demeaning!

2. Women (some not all) will hate you, with jealousy and envy all because of the fact that you have big boobs, that is really down to their insecurities but still unfair.

3. Clothes, finding the right fit can be almost impossible and there are some items that you just can’t wear, at my size halter necks are totally out of bounds.

4. Bras, I can only get them from a handful of stores or online as most shops do not cater for my size and when it comes down to sports bras well even those that are supposed to be my size, most times do not fit at all! It’s such a struggle.

5. Dancing or Gyming! Lol well I’m talking about the bounce! When you start breaking out those moves the girls start dancing too. Tre embarrassing!

6. Sleep. They can be hard to sleep with.

7. Back pain. I personally do not suffer from this but I know alot of girls with heavier chests do.

All said and done I happy with them but they have own issues.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


So I recently attended a wedding with some of my chumps. I had an absolute blast and i wanted to share my make up and outfit
on My Face:

Nyx Dark Brown Pencil for Brows
Estee Lauder Double wear light in no 5
Mac Studio Concealer in NW40
Make up forever bronzer No 6
Nars Finishing Powder in Jamacia
Mac Blush in Fire Red
Mac Lipstick in Ruby woo
Benefit they are real mascara
No 7 24hr Liquid Liner
MUA Black Kohl Pencil
Mac eye shadow in Carbon
Mac woodwinked eyes hadow
Mac Antiqued eye shadow
Mac Gold deposit (as a highlight)
Ben Nye Bananna Powder

the dress is a simple red midi dress that i bagged from a sale at dorothy perkins for £5!!! what a steal!!
That's it form me
stay Fabulous xxxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hi All just wanted to share with you my Business card. I am a qualified makeup artist and would love to make any of you over. just call or email me and id b happy to book you in. XXX

Friday, 14 February 2014

OK guys and Gals, admittedly i have been a little MIA but im back now, had so many issues with my camera and then just got caught up in time so unfortunently, I have neglected my blog. but im back now. Today i an showing y'all my outfit, I rather like it. its simple, flattering and chic and most importantly super comfortable. Stripe top: Primark Jersey Pencil Skirt: Primark Black 40 Denier Tights: Sainsburys Black Riding Boots: Evans - available here