Friday, 31 October 2008

F.O.T.D - Nubian

Hey Amigas this is my FOTD, thought i'd try out a lil nubian flava
Let me know what you think. Here’s what I used:

Foundation: Fashion Fair True Finish powder #5
Concealer: Fashion Fair Concealer stick in Dark
Brows: Rimmel in Dark Brown
Mascara: Benefit Bad Girl Lash
Eye shadow Lid: Mac in Orange (Matte) a little gold eye shadow in tear duct.
Eye shadow Outer Crease: in Swiss Chocolate (Matte)
Waterline: Rimmel Kohl Pencil in Black
Blush: Mac in Razin
Lip Liner: Fashion Fair in Dark Brown
Lip Gloss: Fashion Fair in Sheerly Clear

That’s it! Ciao Bella Ladies ….xx

Thursday, 30 October 2008

F.O.T.D - Teal eyes!

Hey this is my FOTD, I used mainly fashion fair cosmetics. Please excuse the
Let me know what you think beauties. Here’s what I used:

Fashion fair cream to powder foundation in Brown Blaze
Fashion fair stick concealer in Dark
Mac Bronzing Powder in Redefined Bronze
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil (Brows)
Mac eye shadow in Nylon (highlight)
Fashion Fair slim eyeliner pencil in Midnight (on Lid and waterline)
Rimmel kohl pencil in Black (waterline)
Mac Blush in Razin
The Body Shop Lip Liner in Choclat
Christian Dior Ultra Gloss # 313
That’s it! Ciao for Now….xx

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


OK so I’ve recently rediscovered MAC- I say rediscovered because,being a make up fan I tried out Mac a few years ago and because I didn’t understand how the colours worked and what shades I could wear that would show up on my skin and all the artist in store just could not help me so I gave up on it. It’s sad because the stores (in the UK) are filled with mostly Caucasian girls and when it comes down to black skin a lot of them are at a loss.
So I stuck with my bourjois and fashion fair. But recently I have become somewhat of a youtube fan and I have discovered hundreds of tutorials by women of colour (WOC). And I am really impressed. You all know who you are; fauryn78, scandalous beauty, renren, and diary of a make up artist. You have all really inspired me to “Get Back to MAC” I cannot believe how much I have learnt from just watching theses videos and more. I know the names of the colours, the brushes, the collections etc. Its crazy but I love it! I feel like my eyes have been open into this new world of colour! And I have invested in soooo many of… I need to slow down! Lol.. But this post is to thank all those beautiful women for reintroducing me Back to Mac!


So I have a thing for keeping my skin supple at all times. And usually I use Johnson’s baby gel oil which is really lovely on your skin, it keeps it moisturized and supple, so I’ve been using it for about three years since it was recommended to me by a co-worker. It’s also reasonably priced (£2.89 in boots) so it doesn’t break the bank and if you use it everyday it will last for month.
But I decided after hearing numerous reviews to try out a new product and now I think I’m in love!!!
I am totally head over heels in awe of Vaseline cocoa butter range. It is the truth!! Seriously. Not only does it keep you moisturized for like over 20 hours, but It also smells delish! It is yummy beyond yummy . Try it, I promise you that you wont regret it.