Wednesday, 29 October 2008


OK so I’ve recently rediscovered MAC- I say rediscovered because,being a make up fan I tried out Mac a few years ago and because I didn’t understand how the colours worked and what shades I could wear that would show up on my skin and all the artist in store just could not help me so I gave up on it. It’s sad because the stores (in the UK) are filled with mostly Caucasian girls and when it comes down to black skin a lot of them are at a loss.
So I stuck with my bourjois and fashion fair. But recently I have become somewhat of a youtube fan and I have discovered hundreds of tutorials by women of colour (WOC). And I am really impressed. You all know who you are; fauryn78, scandalous beauty, renren, and diary of a make up artist. You have all really inspired me to “Get Back to MAC” I cannot believe how much I have learnt from just watching theses videos and more. I know the names of the colours, the brushes, the collections etc. Its crazy but I love it! I feel like my eyes have been open into this new world of colour! And I have invested in soooo many of… I need to slow down! Lol.. But this post is to thank all those beautiful women for reintroducing me Back to Mac!

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