Sunday, 16 November 2008

FOTD- blue sunday....

I call this Blue Sunday, I wore this to church a few weeks ago.
Let me know what you think beauties. Here’s what I used:

Foundation: FF cream to powder
Concealer: FF Cover stick
Powder: FF True Finish powder
Brows: Rimmel Brow pencil
Mascara: L’oreal Architect
Eye shadow Highlight: Mac Shroom
Eye shadow Lid: Mac Freshwater
Eye shadow Inner Crease: Mac Deep Truth
Eye shadow Outer Crease: Mac Deep truth and Carbon
Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero
Blush: Mac Hushabye and Breezy
Lip Stick: FF FuchsiaLip Gloss: FF Sheerly Clear


Seymone said...

Those fuschia lips are hot hot hot.

God's child said...

thank you :-)

MakeupBliss said...

I love the winged eyeliner! This is a pretty look.

God's child said...