Monday, 22 December 2008

THINGS I LURVE: TRESemme vitamin e moisture rich conditioner.

I know I’m posting a lot today but it’s been a while and I have a lot to say! Lol. So bear with me please.
This is just a quick review on TRESemme vitamin e moisture rich conditioner.
Superdrug (uk drugstore) is doing a 2 for 1 offer on this so I picked it up. It’s a really great deal. I got 2x 900ml bottles for only £4.20…. now that’s a steal! With all of that, I think I have enough conditioner for the whole of
So I have been viewing a few hair blogs to mention a few Hairlicious, The coarse hair diaries and KISS and I’m trying to treat my hair better now. Lord knows I haven’t been the kindest to my fro’ in the last few years. So I’m making up for lost time.
I’ve recently come across the concept of co-washing, which I hadn’t heard of before I read these blogs. (for those that don’t know what a co-wash is, its basically washing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo) so I decided to give it a try.
I used the TRESemme vitamin e moisture rich conditioner to co-wash the other day and my oh my, my hair is as soft as a pillow but still as strong as an ox! And oxy-moron I know but its totally fab! I didn’t think a product originally designed for Caucasian hair would work so well on my hair but I guess I was wrong. I highly recommend it! What other conditioners would you recommend? Let me know.

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