Monday, 22 December 2008


Ok… over here in London the temperature keeps dropping and dropping. We are truly in winter now so I have decided to put together a list of a few of my recommendations for these cold winter months. It’s getting icier and icier by the minute. So here are my top ten things to keep you warm this season.

1. Gloves – I’d recommend getting two pairs, a wool set and a leather set. The woolly pair for when its cold and dry outside and the leather set for when its wet and cold, for example when it rains or snows- it will help keep your hands warm and dry cause the woolly ones are not waterproof and tend to absorb moisture really quick.

2. A woolly hat – to keep ur tresses free from stress on those windy days…Need I say more?

3. A Scarf – keep your neck and chest warm. A good idea is to use a pashmina scarf, because they are longer than most standard scarves, they come in different colours and they are light enough to layer and you can alter the shape to suit your style. Plus you can get them really cheap in central London.

4. Chap stick/Lip balm- now I know technically that you don’t wear this as a piece of clothing but you do wear it on your lips…. This is super essential! A total must! You must have a lip balm on you at all times! Especially in winter! There is nothing worse than cracked, dry peeling lips! Yuck! A great idea is to buy a pack of three and leave one everywhere you’ll be (in your car, work desk, handbag…etc)

5. Footless tights/ Leggings– Yes that’s right! Why invest in thermal underwear, when you can recycle your summer wardrobe. These are great to wear under you regular work clothes and they usually made of lycra and cotton so they are comfy, stretch and keep you extra toasty!

6. Men’s socks- these are much thicker than women’s socks so they are great to wear with boots and give extra warmth.

7. Summer Vests- theses are also great to wear inside your sweaters and jumpers. For extra warmth and comfort, also because they are made to fit they wont bulge under your jumper.

8. A good winter coat. The coat should accentuate and flatter you figure, we are trying to keep warm but not at the expense of style! If you have a smaller chest try a coat with a high neck. If you have a larger chest try a coat with a v neck (see pic) the length of the coat should depend on where you live, if like myself you live in London where snow is minimal then a during the winter a ¾ coat is long enough to keep you warm.

9. Polo necks. I feel these are uber essential for these cold winter months. I myself have these in almost every colour. And so should you and do not be afraid to accessorize it up with beads, long chains and scarves. The worlds your oyster baby! So work it! Lol.

10. Hand Cream- last but definitely not the least! Get a good hand cream, with vitamin E, C, or B, I myself I get a couple and (like my chap stick) keep it everywhere I am e.g. in my car, at my work desk etc. currently I use the vaseline hand and nail cream.

That’s it for now, hope this has been useful, do any of you have any other handy tips for the winter. I’d love to hear from you…holla back J
Heart ya!!GC xxx

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