Monday, 5 January 2009


Hey ppls.
this is a simple smokey eye look using a black kohl pencil on the lid, brown eyeshadow in the crease and concealer as a highlight.
On my cheeks: Mac Razin
and on my Lips: Brown lip pencil w/ CD Ultra gloss # 313 .
c u later


Blessed Tresses said...

This is so pretty. What's your channel name on youtube? I gotta check you out there too. I have a channel but it's just so I can view other videos for reference. So if you see the name blessedwmnofgod on your channel that's me lol.

God's child said...

Thanks, my youtube channel is WONDERFULLYMADE2009, i'd love for you to check it out. i just started it a few weeks ago so i only have a few videos but ill be adding more. and ill be looking out for you too. God bless u gurl.

Blessed Tresses (Blessedwmnofgod) said...

Ok, I thought I saw one of your videos, but I wanted to be sure. I am there....blessings my sister.