Monday, 18 May 2009


Here's a look I rocked to church a few weeks ago, hope you like. Face:
Fashion Fair crème to powder in brown blaze
Fashion Fair concealer stick
Mac Blusher in Hushabye

Brows: Rimmel Dark Brown
Lid: Mac Star Violet,
Crease: Mac Bronze, Beauty Marked
Highlight: Mac Nylon
Liner: Bourjois liquid liner
Waterline: Rimmel kohl pencil in black
Lashes: NYC 973A

Lips: Cant remember sorry!

Thursday, 7 May 2009


so I have decided to start a new series giving credit where it is due to all the fwine men around. each month i will pick a hunk and post his pic with a Lil info on him and why he has won.
this month we have Mr Lady Lover: LLCOOLJ....(swoon)
famous for his rapping skills, his chart hitting tunes and his banging abs! Mr llcoolj aka Todd James smith has got talent and good looks all rolled into one.
this brotha is all types of fwine! he is my favorite piece of eye candy so I had to start the series with him. yummy yummy.
Mr Smith, we salute you!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

WP Mascara review: Maybelline Turbo boost WP

Name: Maybelline Turbo Boost WP in Black
Promises to: deliver 5x volume instantly with long lasting waterproof anti- clump formula.
Awards: Healthy Beauty Awards in Best Waterproof mascara category.
Price: £4.88

My findings:
1. Application: it does give you incredible lashes, the photo below is two coats of this mascara and it is phenomenal it really made me look like I was wearing falsies. Love that!
2. Longevity: It did not clump or flake through out the day, as a matter of fact by the evening time it still looked as fresh as it did in the morning.
3. Water resistance: It really is waterproof I wore it to church last Sunday and I got a little teary and this baby did not budge! Excellent!!
4. The take off: Being a waterproof mascara it is harder to take off than regular mascara, which is what I expected. It came off really well with an oil based makeup remover. And without me losing any of my lashes.

What I liked about it: It does exactly what it says and it’s a great price.
What I didn’t like: lashes can feel a little hard but not really stiff, but I guess that’s a given with any WP mascaras.
Mark out of 10: 9/10 – because it’s really that good!