Tuesday, 5 May 2009

WP Mascara review: Maybelline Turbo boost WP

Name: Maybelline Turbo Boost WP in Black
Promises to: deliver 5x volume instantly with long lasting waterproof anti- clump formula.
Awards: Healthy Beauty Awards in Best Waterproof mascara category.
Price: £4.88

My findings:
1. Application: it does give you incredible lashes, the photo below is two coats of this mascara and it is phenomenal it really made me look like I was wearing falsies. Love that!
2. Longevity: It did not clump or flake through out the day, as a matter of fact by the evening time it still looked as fresh as it did in the morning.
3. Water resistance: It really is waterproof I wore it to church last Sunday and I got a little teary and this baby did not budge! Excellent!!
4. The take off: Being a waterproof mascara it is harder to take off than regular mascara, which is what I expected. It came off really well with an oil based makeup remover. And without me losing any of my lashes.

What I liked about it: It does exactly what it says and it’s a great price.
What I didn’t like: lashes can feel a little hard but not really stiff, but I guess that’s a given with any WP mascaras.
Mark out of 10: 9/10 – because it’s really that good!

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