Wednesday, 12 August 2009


MAN! I ordered the 28 neutral palette from ebay and this is how it arrived!!!! urrrggghhhhh its soo annoying! it came all the way from hong kong so i guess it got dropped in transit. its such a shame cause i waited like 7 days for it to arrive only to find it all in a mess. I managed to clean it up (see photo 2) but it took like forever and a day!!!
oh well. the good thing about it is that I emailed the seller and he has promised to send me a new one free of charge (we like that!!). so fingers crossed it will arrive in mint condition.
I'd love to hear about your postal pls leave a comment.
ciao for now!


Anonymous said...

I placed an order from Cherry Culture when the NYX items were 50% off... one of my single eyeshadows arrived cracked and a day or two later, broke all the way. I emailed them about it & the actually wanted me to send it back and said that was the only way they could replace it. WTH?! I just got mad all over again...

rayqueenbee said...

Sorry about your palette. But in the end the seller is nice enough to resend one. I hope that the other will come in good condition. I had a disaster with my 120 palette, 17 of the shadows came destroyed. I didn't let the seller know, I just left a neutral comment. I figured they wouldn't replace it seeing it coming from so far so I just pressed them back and my palettes was ok again.

God's child said...

@bianca - man that really sucks! you shouldnt have to pay to send it back!
@rayqueenbee - pressing them is a great idea, thanks for the tip!. I guess ordering palettes online is a bit of a gamble i guess ill have to cross my fingers and pray it will arrive in mint condition...hopefully :-)