Friday, 18 September 2009


Yes ladies today we are talkin about boobies, mammeries, jugs, hot cakes whateva you call em' they are on the table today lol.
I just had to do an entry on this cause it has been on my mind for a good minute.
I am one of those ladies who has been "blessed' with a bigger bust and although I understand that alot of ladies out there with smaller chests who crave bigger boobs, I can honestly say that its not all its cracked up to be (no pun intended lol)
It can be really frustrating! especially when it comes down to shopping for clothes! tailored shirts in particular!
it is almost impossible to find a shirt that will button up properly without looking like you are wearing a tent. the shirts are either too big so you end up looking like a whale or they are too small around the chest and all the buttons are popping and you are looking like Popeye after a spinach overdose! lol!
and don't get me started on maxi dresses or any dress with an empire line! they just do not go over the booby area! pure nightmare!
Don't get me wrong there are alot of perks to having a fuller bust, for one you feel super feminine that's a good thing, plus they make any outfit that bit sexier!
Hate it or Love they are here to stay. just wanted to vent a Lil. :-)
Have you had problems with fitting clothes on any area of your body pls feel free to vent.
ciao 4 now

Monday, 14 September 2009


Hey guys! oh my goodness I am soooo in love with harem pants right now! they are soooooooooo comfy yet stylish!
I first came across them when i watching 'fashion fix' with GOK WAN who styled them on a pear shaped lady. at first I thought they would make her look bigger but it really flattered her figure, so I was out shopping (again!lol) and I popped into 'primani' aka ' and they were selling these harem pants for 5 pounds!! so i decided to try em on and I LOVED THEM!!! they are incredible comfy, you can dress em' up or dress em' down and they flatter sistas with bootys (extra bonus)! they are definitely my new fashion fix!
they are also great to wear in winter with a pair of long boots!!
I love them!


Friday, 11 September 2009


Hey ladies, this is a quickie look I did the other day on the way to the store. its simple, fresh and easy! Its a great 5 min throw on look! Hope you like it

Rimmel Brow pencil in dark brown
Stila Tinted moisturizer in Deep (loves it!!!)
Marks and spencers concealer in dark
Stila Hydrating powder (to set)
Mac Blot powder (on t-zone)
NYX Rougue Cream Blush in Tan
Milani Blusher in Plum Parfait (on top)
Stila Sun and highlighter bronzer No2 (loves it!!!)

Stila e/s in illmani (on lid)
Stila e/s in summer (as highlight)
Urban Decay eye pencil in Zero
L'oreal Voluminous mascara

Mac Lusterglass in Love Nectar.

thats all folks....xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I stumbled across this photo a few weeks ago and thought 'how stoopid' and I was reminded of it by a fellow blogger so I decided to write a piece on it.
The shot is of the lovely cindy crawford and it supposedly demonstrates cutting carbs out of your diet to maintain a svelte figure....Atkins and all that jazz!
my opinion is: I originally come from Africa, which is a third world country and there is alot of poverty and starvation and to see a "supermodel" tear up a loaf of bread as a fashion statement really annoys me!
now dont get me wrong; next to naomi, tyra, and alec, cindy crawford is one of my favorite supermodels I think she is gorgeous but I also think that the media should be more discerning on the way they represent beauty. I for one do not believe that beauty is found in only supermodels or super skinny women. Being a 'thick' girl myself I love the way I look and I would not exchange my curves for anything in the world.
I believe no matter what skin colour, shape, size or height you are, you possess beauty. you are the most gorgeous (insert your name here)e.g 'sally smith' there is and no body can take that away from you.
so in short, enjoy life and EAT SOME BREAD! I know I
what are your views on the media's representation of beauty...I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment pls.
ciao for now