Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I stumbled across this photo a few weeks ago and thought 'how stoopid' and I was reminded of it by a fellow blogger so I decided to write a piece on it.
The shot is of the lovely cindy crawford and it supposedly demonstrates cutting carbs out of your diet to maintain a svelte figure....Atkins and all that jazz!
my opinion is: I originally come from Africa, which is a third world country and there is alot of poverty and starvation and to see a "supermodel" tear up a loaf of bread as a fashion statement really annoys me!
now dont get me wrong; next to naomi, tyra, and alec, cindy crawford is one of my favorite supermodels I think she is gorgeous but I also think that the media should be more discerning on the way they represent beauty. I for one do not believe that beauty is found in only supermodels or super skinny women. Being a 'thick' girl myself I love the way I look and I would not exchange my curves for anything in the world.
I believe no matter what skin colour, shape, size or height you are, you possess beauty. you are the most gorgeous (insert your name here)e.g 'sally smith' there is and no body can take that away from you.
so in short, enjoy life and EAT SOME BREAD! I know I
what are your views on the media's representation of beauty...I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment pls.
ciao for now


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