Saturday, 3 October 2009


Hey guys! after seeing this pic of the lovely rhe-rhe with neon pink lips i though I'd give it a try. now I know we are not the same complexion but I think darker ladies could easily pull this off!
I got the lippy from boots No17 and the colur is Pink power- it was £4.99 such a steal and its very similar to MACs pink novenou which I have also. loves it!

ciao for now ladies



rayqueenbee said...

Darker ladies can pull off the best lips colors: pink. red and purples...I think we can work any of them to the fullest. Love that lip color on ya dear! :)

God's child said...

@ rayqueenbee - Thanks love and I totally agree. x

VexInTheCity said...

Looks fab on you. I'd be nervous to try it :-(

God's child said...

@yinka - face your fears and try it, its only 4 pounds and if you still feel the colour is too bright you can deepen it with a currant lip liner!