Wednesday, 21 October 2009


As we approach another winter :-( I thought it nice to re-evaluate the old wardrobe and see what I could salvage and recycle. As winter dawns upon us I for one have a tendency to withdraw back into my 'monochrome' wardrobe - alot of black, some whites and the occasional grey! I guess when it gets really cold I just want to curl up and keep warm and all fashion logic goes out the window! But this year I have decided to jazz things up a little. I have invested in several fashion how to books, courtesy of my local charity shops and I have been really blessed with some ideas. to bring a sparkle into your winter wear add a touch of colour.e;g a bright scarf or an interesting accessory like a brooch or coloured tights or a statement necklace. the simplest things really can can make the biggest difference.
Also adding texture to the clothes, for example instead of buying a simple white shirt, buy a white shirt with ruffles or pinstripes. buy clothes with added character if you are not big on accessories but if you are like me an accessory queen a simple white shirt can be vamped up with a few bits and bobs.
also a statement coat is a big yes! one that is tailored, stylish and most importantly warm!
hope this helps....

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