Thursday, 15 April 2010


OK, I am soooo annoyed I ordered a new bra in my size from an online retailer, (i will not mention their name) and I waited a few days excited to get my order. it came today and I excitedly unwrapped it , only to find that they have sent me the wrong size!!! and what's worse, is on the refund policy note it says they are not responsible for the cost of return shipping!!! how can they expect me to pay for their mistake!! I was mad!!! this does not end here,I will get my refund or they are going to see the other side of me!!!! don't you hate it when stuff like this happens. I am sooooooooooo annoyed right now!!!!!!!


Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hiya guys so today i wanted to share with you one of my well kept beauty secrets.
If you have ever had one of those "i feel it coming zits" where it starts to throb underneath the surface of your skin and you can just feel it coming?? well have no fear, because help is here!
I get an ice cube and place it directly on the "throbbing" area (usually i run the cube under some warm water if the ice is a Lil dry to avoid any "frost shock" ) and hold it for one minute, then wipe off the water and apply some tea tree oil unto a cotton wool ball and dab it on the area. go to bed and i promise you, you will see the difference.
This technique also works if you already have the zit. by applying ice and tea tree on it, the swelling will go down and the zit will dry out.
try it ladies and let me know how it goes.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Celebration of Curves!

Hey ppl. now too many times we see ourselves trying to imitate the skinny celebs we see on tv, the rhiannas, beyonces etc, but isn't it time we celebrate sistas like us,those with bums, thighs and tums. I am a plus size diva and proud of it because I believe the shape the Lord has given me is beautiful and so I celebrate it! size zero???? no thanks! give me bootilicious anyday! lol.
so I decided to start this series which I title 'a celebration of curves'. which is to amplify and celebrate the thicker and more natural sisters out there.
this week I am celebrating the Lady Jill Scott. she is simply talented, beautiful and stunning. she carries herself with great poise and shes got the booty to do it it! Jill scott I salute you. (btw... dont u just love that dress!)
These photos are a great example that you can look fantastic no matter what size you are! dont let your mind limit your style! a wrap dress is everyone's friend, if you dont have one, then go out and get one!
ciao for now ladies

Saturday, 20 March 2010


I know I have been gone for a good minute, but i simply did not have enough time to blog! alot has happened over the last few months and I'm just trying to catch up.
firstly i got hit by the credit crunch and i was laid off from work :-( which was annoying cos i could not shop as much as i wanted to. luckily the time i had off helped me to discover a new but economical way of spending. it really taught me alot and helped me to curb my spending :-). i re-discovered primark and superdrug products like barry m and Gosh and I really love those products they have become my go to products. the good news is that in the time i had off I graduated from make up school so I am now a professional makeup artist,I have been doing alot of freelance makeup work and I have also recently worked on a music video. It was such fun (I'll do a separate blog on this)!! and I also got a great job which i totally love so the hauling continues lol!
Its really been a bit of a roller coaster but I am a strong believer that when one door closes another opens up! this has definitely been the case for me!
oh btw i thought id try something a lil different with my hair, let me know what you think?
Thanks for stickin by me bloogers love u guys and ill blog u real! soon.