Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Celebration of Curves!

Hey ppl. now too many times we see ourselves trying to imitate the skinny celebs we see on tv, the rhiannas, beyonces etc, but isn't it time we celebrate sistas like us,those with bums, thighs and tums. I am a plus size diva and proud of it because I believe the shape the Lord has given me is beautiful and so I celebrate it! size zero???? no thanks! give me bootilicious anyday! lol.
so I decided to start this series which I title 'a celebration of curves'. which is to amplify and celebrate the thicker and more natural sisters out there.
this week I am celebrating the Lady Jill Scott. she is simply talented, beautiful and stunning. she carries herself with great poise and shes got the booty to do it it! Jill scott I salute you. (btw... dont u just love that dress!)
These photos are a great example that you can look fantastic no matter what size you are! dont let your mind limit your style! a wrap dress is everyone's friend, if you dont have one, then go out and get one!
ciao for now ladies

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