Saturday, 20 March 2010


I know I have been gone for a good minute, but i simply did not have enough time to blog! alot has happened over the last few months and I'm just trying to catch up.
firstly i got hit by the credit crunch and i was laid off from work :-( which was annoying cos i could not shop as much as i wanted to. luckily the time i had off helped me to discover a new but economical way of spending. it really taught me alot and helped me to curb my spending :-). i re-discovered primark and superdrug products like barry m and Gosh and I really love those products they have become my go to products. the good news is that in the time i had off I graduated from make up school so I am now a professional makeup artist,I have been doing alot of freelance makeup work and I have also recently worked on a music video. It was such fun (I'll do a separate blog on this)!! and I also got a great job which i totally love so the hauling continues lol!
Its really been a bit of a roller coaster but I am a strong believer that when one door closes another opens up! this has definitely been the case for me!
oh btw i thought id try something a lil different with my hair, let me know what you think?
Thanks for stickin by me bloogers love u guys and ill blog u real! soon.



Deborah Jones said...

1 i was just thinking about you

2 congratulations on your graduation. show em how its done girl!!!

3 welcome back we missed you!

4 loving the new hair!!!

5 can't wait to see your posts. they were missed!

God's child said...

thanks lady d! i missed ya too, I have been reading ur blog and you are truly doing a great job! keep it up! we want more. :-)