Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Make Up ideas for when your skin is breaking out! Now we all get these random breakouts from time to time and the best thing to do when you are having a serious skin episode is to keep your face clean, bacteria free and sad to say make up free. But in cases where you want to put on make-up (special events etc.) here are some tips on what to do to avoid irritating your skin and making your breakout worse. 1. WHY AM I BREAKING OUT?? Establish the reason for your breakout, and rectify. Mine is down to a recent switch in cleansers, one which clearly does not agree with my skin type. So I stopped using it immediately. 2. WHAT IS YOUR REGIMEN? Make sure you have a regimen that will tackle the breakout. This will depend on your skin type. Personally I exfoliate, wash, tone and moisture as usual and then I follow with a series of spot treatments, using tea tree oil witch hazel gel and sudacream. 3. MAKEUP?? If you must wear foundation, stick to Mineral makeup. I apply mineral foundation while I am waiting for the breakout to clear. This is because mineral makeup is more gentle on your skin and will allow it to breathe hence assisting your ski to recover quickly. There are many brands on the market but my personal favourite is the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation. It looks just like skin and it’s not heavy at all. 4. TAKE IT OFF Take off your makeup as soon as you get home. This will limit the time makeup stays on your face and will also allow your skin to breathe. 5. SLEEP CLEAN! Make sure you repeat your skin regimen before you sleep. Do not and I repeat do not sleep with your make up on! I hopes this helps xx

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