Thursday, 20 February 2014


Now a lot of people will say that if you are heavily endowed, that you should not complain, and although I am grateful that I more than blessed in that department, it does come with its own issues.

Yes I’d rather have boobs than none at all but I just wish sometimes that it wasn’t so difficult,
These are the issues I have faced, with;

1. Men, (some not all) if you are single and looking for a real relationship, the amount of jerks available are in the infinity number, all they see is a pair of boobs and some of the guys I have come across only want to sleep with you and are not interested in keeping you as a girlfriend. They think because she has a large chest she must be good in bed and nothing else. It’s so demeaning!

2. Women (some not all) will hate you, with jealousy and envy all because of the fact that you have big boobs, that is really down to their insecurities but still unfair.

3. Clothes, finding the right fit can be almost impossible and there are some items that you just can’t wear, at my size halter necks are totally out of bounds.

4. Bras, I can only get them from a handful of stores or online as most shops do not cater for my size and when it comes down to sports bras well even those that are supposed to be my size, most times do not fit at all! It’s such a struggle.

5. Dancing or Gyming! Lol well I’m talking about the bounce! When you start breaking out those moves the girls start dancing too. Tre embarrassing!

6. Sleep. They can be hard to sleep with.

7. Back pain. I personally do not suffer from this but I know alot of girls with heavier chests do.

All said and done I happy with them but they have own issues.

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