Monday, 10 March 2014


Hi Guys and Gals

This is my review on the skin care duo; Cleansing Milk with Gentian and Toning Lotion with Iris.

I was breezing around Debenhams last month and I saw they were selling the duo for £18.00, I am a bit of a skin care fanatic and I have been looking to try something new, so I thought the two for £18 was not a bad deal. I bought it and when I got home I tried it straight way.

now the concept is that you should be able to cleanse your face using this, without the need of water so i tried it and by the next morning i felt a throbbing spot coming and before i knew it, it had grown to a lovely throbbing pimple.
Now for the record I do not have sensitive skin what so ever ,I have used some serious chemicals on my face before and walked away unharmed. but i have noticed that there are just some products my skin does not like. and unfortunentley, this is one of them.

I stopped using it and went back to my regular regimen, and only using mineral make up when i had to and in a week time my skin was back to normal, pimple free and healthy!

urrrgghhhhh I hate that in england if a product does not work, you cant take it back.

Not happy with clarins and I wont be buying anything from them again!

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